To better serve our students and staff, Food & Nutrition Services is now using a different secure online system--MyPaymentsPlus-- to process payments and track meal purchases. 

If you had an unused balance remaining in the previous payment system (RevTrak), it will be automatically transferred and applied to your new account in MyPaymentsPlus. 

To create your account, please go to and click “Register for a free account.” You will need your student’s ID number to complete the registration. If you don’t know your child’s student ID, please contact the school.

At no cost, MyPaymentsPlus allows you to:

  • View the items your student has purchased in the cafeteria.
  • Download the FREE mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android phones, to enable mobile payments and to check balances on-the-go!
  • Check your student’s account balance 24/7 online
  • Create settings to receive email notifications when the account reaches a low balance.
  • MyPaymentsPlus allows any family to:
    • Make a prepayment into your student’s meal account using a check, credit card, or debit card at Funds deposited through MyPaymentsPlus are usually available for student use within a matter of minutes.
    • Create settings to automatically replenish your student’s account when it reaches a low balance.

We consistently strive to find new and better ways to serve our students and our families, and we thank you for partnering with us in this effort.


If you have any questions or concerns with MyPaymentsPlus, please contact Food & Nutrition Services at 413-5290.

New Lunch Prices for 2013-2014:

  • Elementary Lunch $2.00
  • Secondary Lunch $2.25

Overall, meal prices at NKC Schools remain equal to or lower than surrounding Northland school districts, and all lunches come with unlimited servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.


NKC Schools breakfast and lunch menus are now combined into a single menu. You also may select the a la carte menu for elementary, middle and high school cafeterias.


Note: If you view these menus regularly, deleting your browser's temporary Internet files periodically will help ensure that you are opening our most recent available menus, rather than an older version of menus stored in your browser's cache.

Elementary School Information:
Elementary Breakfast/Lunch Menu


Elementary Parent Newsletter
Elementary Fruity Fun Facts
Elementary Menu & A La Carte Prices


Middle School Information:
Middle School Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Middle School Menu & A La Carte Prices


High School Information:
High School Breakfast/Lunch Menu

High School Menu & A La Carte Prices


C-TECH Building:
C-TECH Breakfast/Lunch Menu (April)



Golden Oaks Education Center:
Golden Oaks Breakfast/Lunch Menu

In the month of April, Golden Oaks and C-TECH will share the same breakfast and lunch menu. (See April Menu!)


Food Allergy Information
Allergy Guide for breakfast entrees
Allergy Guide for lunch entrees
Allergy Guide for sides, a la carte, etc.
Allergy Guide - Elementary Breakfast - Pork Information 
Allergy Guide - Elementary Lunch - Pork Information 

Smart Snacking After School provided by the Midwest Dairy Council.


North Kansas City Schools Food & Nutrition Services is now offering Birthday Treats that elementary parents may purchase for their student's big day. Simply fill out the form and return to your school cafeteria manager.  


NKC Schools Food and Nutrition Services Department supports local farmers by purchasing locally grown produce, including Athena cantaloupe, Black Diamond watermelons, and cucumbers. Learn more!

Fruit and Vegetable Fun Facts:



Read more about: "How to Get Involved"







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