After Class Events (ACE)

  • Middle School students have opportunities to expand their school day experience in multiple ways. After Class Events activities, called ACE, are served up quarterly, with a fresh list of activities for which students may sign up. Students may also use ACE for homework help on site from certified teachers.

    This year the cost for ACE has been suspended.  

    For the 2020-2021 school year ACE will be offered online two days a week, Mondays and Thursdays. All students are invited to participate on both days.  Students will have time to travel home and then the expectation is that they will check in or begin participation at 2:30PM on both days, or as close to that as possible.  The contact will last until 4PM or the length of an hour after check in.  The goal is to provide contact or homework help with an adult.

    • Quarter 1 ACE ends of November 2nd.
    • Start date for Quarter 2 will be November 12th, and will end on January 7th. 
    • Start date for Quarter 3 will be January 25th, and will end on March 8th.
    • Start date for Quarter 4 will be April 5th, and will end on May 13th. 


    To sign up for Quarter 3 of ACE, please click on this LINK


    ACE is a great opportunity for students to increase learning as well as enjoy the collaboration of others with similar interests. 

    Questions can be directed to Rhonda Hamby @


    CLICK HERE: ONLINE form for After Class Events (ACE)