Summer School

  • North Kansas City Schools summer learning program offers mastery classes and enrichment classes and is available to all district students at no charge. However, a fee may be charged for transportation.

    Once dates are set, brochures are sent home to school families in early spring. If a child’s teacher recommends the mastery learning program, parents are strongly encouraged to enroll their child to reinforce basic math and reading skills.


    2020 Summer Learning Information. For more information, please contact your school directly.


    June Virtual Summer School: June 1-26

    The June Virtual Summer School session will extend the e-Learning environment students have become familiar with since spring break. Students who participate will experience enhanced learning and engagement opportunities that include:

    • Learning activities will be provided Monday-Thursday with Friday serving as a catch-up day (similar to how Mondays have been structured this spring)
    • Live daily interaction with a teacher and fellow classmates (Monday-Thursday)
    • Key skill improvement in reading and math
    • Enrichment through blended and project-based learning activities

    Those interested in enrolling in the NKC Schools Summer School Program should contact their school. You may also submit your student’s information using our 2019-2020 June Elementary Summer School Program form. Simply complete the requested fields and click submit at the end to enroll your child.

    Details on a July face-to-face session will be provided as the situation with the coronavirus continues to develop and information on when we can open schools becomes available.