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AAPL & Perfect Attendance Payout: Deadline is Friday, May 21 at 5:00 p.m.

  • Beginning April 30, certified and classified support staff with Annual Approved Paid Leave (AAPL) may be eligible to cash out unused AAPL to be paid out on June 28, including a Perfect Attendance incentive day if one has been earned this semester. To be eligible for the AAPL payout, a minimum of 30 days of Carryover Approved Paid Leave (CAPL) must be in your CAPL account.

    You may:

    • Choose to have your AAPL cashed out. If you choose to receive payout for AAPL, ALL of your accrued AAPL days will be cashed out, which will mean that only your Carryover Approved Paid Leave (CAPL) will remain until the next school year (2021-22). CAPL can ONLY be used for time off related to health issues. Most FMLA-qualifying events would allow for the use of CAPL.
    • Choose to have your Perfect Attendance incentive cashed out.
    • Choose to have both cashed out. (Again, if you choose to receive payout for AAPL, you will cash out ALL of your accrued AAPL days and only CAPL will remain.)
    • Choose to have neither one cashed out.

    If you choose not to request a payout, both AAPL and Perfect Attendance will be rolled into your CAPL account after the end of the school year. This will be the default choice if you take no action.

    If you want to cash out your AAPL and/or your Perfect Attendance incentive day, you MUST sign on to Employee Online by 5pm on Friday, May 21 and select your payout option.


    For login errors, please clear your browser history or contact the Help Desk.

    • Login to Employee Online at
    • Log in with your regular network user name and password.
    • To choose your AAPL & Perfect Attendance Payout selection:
    • From the menu on the left hand side of the screen, under “Benefits”, select “Leave Payout”.
    • On the Leave Payout screen, choose “Edit” if you wish to change the “Leave Payout Selections” shown.


    Further information about qualifying for this Cash Out option and for the Perfect Attendance Incentive can be found in Board Policy GCBDA and GDBDA:
    Professional Staff Short-Term Leaves and Absences under Approved Paid Leave (APL)
    Support Staff Leaves and Absences under Approved Paid Leave (APL)

2021 Culture of Excellence Honor Cadres

  • In a year like no other, their colleagues and peers nominated these individuals as North Kansas City Schools’ best representatives of a Culture of Excellence. A selective committee then narrowed district-wide nominees down to 24 staff members, one volunteer and one business partner.

    At their March 23 meeting, the Board of Education recognized all of our outstanding honoreees. Read the Board resolutions for the Service Honor Cadre and the Teaching Honor Cadre, and watch a recording of the evening's celebrations on the district's YouTube channel


    Meet this year's Honor Cadres!


    Service Honor Cadre

    Teaching Honor Cadre

    Dwane Goldston - Antioch Cindy Woods - Antioch
    Kristen Smith - Antioch Vanessa Thomson - Chapel Hill
    Rose Penrose - Chapel Hill Carrie Chambers - Clardy
    Sheri Smith - Chouteau Brooke Ravenscraft - Crestview
    Karen Jones - Fox Hill Denisha Johnson - Davidson
    Christine Hatterman Ostermeyer - Maple Park Audra Simcoe - Fox Hill
    Ellen Anderson - Maplewood Maria Panuco - Golden Oaks
    Ruth De Dios - Oak Park Haley Cope - Oak Park
    Tammy Slauson - Staley Matt Barrows - Ravenwood
    I'van Peterson - Winnetonka Lesley Martin - Staley
    Alma Perez-Reyna - Winnetonka Jennifer Woods - West Englewood
    Kristen Rivera - Northgate/Safety & Security Carolyn Knapp - Winnetonka

    Volunteer of the Year

    Business of the Year

    Stephen Mattingly Feed Northland Kids


Joyages App

  • app thumbnail

    NKC Schools is excited to offer the Joyages app to all employees and their families free of charge! Whether you are in search of strategies for coping with stress, looking to improve your relationships, or seeking a deeper sense of purpose, Joyages has scientifically-backed information and advice to help you feel better now and become more resilient for the future.

    Want to try it out? Learn more about Joyages and download the Joyages app with the unlock code NKCSD21. Here's to a healthier, happier you!

Employee Assistance Program

  • An EAP (Employee Assistance Program) offers you and your immediate family members CONFIDENTIAL, personal and web-based support on a variety of topics such as stress management.

    More information is available at the following links:

    Carrier: Guardian/Integrated Behavioral Health
    Customer Service: 800-386-7055
    User Name: Matters
    Password: wlm70101
    Access: 24 hours a day/7 days a week
    Eligibility: NKC Schools Employees and Immediate Family Members

    We know the COVID-19 pandemic has us all under more stress than normal. Please remember you have access to help through our EAP!

PPE & Cleaning Protocols

Return to School Plan for Employees

  • After months of planning and consulting with public health and medical professionals, the NKC Schools Return to School Plan is ready to share with district employees. Throughout the development of the plan, input from our stakeholder groups, including teachers and support staff, was incorporated to ensure representation of various perspectives and voices. The health and wellness of our school communities remains the top priority of our reopening efforts while allowing flexibility in an ever-changing world navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Key components of the plan include:

    • Standard expectations for handwashing/sanitizing, social distancing, mask usage and cleaning/disinfecting.
    • A preview of what the academic day will look like including changes to arrival/dismissal, lunch, recess and classroom activities including Encore classes.
    • Possible scenarios for academic calendar changes should the health department recommend an alternative schedule due to COVID-19 cases.
    • Social and emotional health considerations for students returning to school.
    • How visitors to the building will be handled, limiting outside exposure to the coronavirus. This includes guidance on volunteers such as YouthFriends, business partners, chaperones and coaches.
    • Human Resources protocols are outlined including processes for those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 as well as those who may have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case. Information is also included on how to handle being quarantined and guidance for returning to work.
    • Building operations, activities and facility rentals are also addressed, establishing expectations for community members who wish to use our schools.
    • How students will be kept safe on school buses as they travel to and from school.


    View the plan in its entirety!

    Other documents to help guide you include COVID-19 Definitions, Employee Responsibilities and Frequently Asked Questions, District-Provided Leave Guidance and Families First Coronavirus Response Act Leave Guidance.


    It is important to note that the practices outlined in this plan are subject to change as guidance evolves for COVID-19. We certainly do not have all the answers and anticipate revisions based on updated recommendations from public health agencies as well as lessons learned from daily experiences in our schools. Thank you to Adventure Club, summer school sites, Crestview, Winnwood and all who serve these programs for leading the way. It is important for the district to focus on making decisions that are best for students while also making every effort to maintain healthy working environments for teachers and staff. Your ongoing patience and understanding is appreciated as the district manages this complex reality.

    Initially, the return to school may feel overwhelming, particularly balancing the excitement to serve students with personal health considerations. Should you have questions or concerns, begin with your immediate supervisor. Working together as a team, our NKC Schools family will successfully navigate any challenge and fulfill our mission to be champions for all students.

    Thank you for your dedication and for taking this milestone journey with the district!

Attain by Aetna Program

  • Earn fun rewards by completing personalized activity goals* and achievable actions in Attain by Aetna app. Rewards can be earned over 24 months and include an Apple Watch or gift cards from popular retailers. This program is available to employees, spouses, dependents over the age of 18, and retirees enrolled in NKCS Medical Benefits. Learn more about the NKCS Attain by Aetna program.  

    **Goals and suggested health actions should not replace your doctor’s advice. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from meeting your goals, or if your doctor advises you not to take part in physical activity, there may be an opportunity for you to earn the same reward in a different way. Call 1-866-820-3731 (TTY: 711) to find out your options.

Social Media Guidelines

  • Staff social media guidelines have been updated for 2019-20! View them here or on the "Links & Forms" page.