• North Kansas City Schools Financial Procedures Handbook (Financial Procedures Handbook)

    This manual is designed to provide a set of standardized controls, procedures, and forms for the North Kansas City School District Funds.

    Administration, administrative assistants, and sponsors are responsible for following the controls and procedures prescribed in this manual. Fiscal responsibility is an expectation of all employees of the North Kansas City School District.

    Financial Procedures Forms:

    • AAA Administration Acknowledgment (Open as PDF)
    • ACBR Cash Box Return (EXCEL) (PDF)
    • ACBR Cash Box Startup (EXCEL) (PDF)
    • ACRL Cash Receipt Log (EXCEL) (PDF)
    • ADTS Activity Account Deposit Tote Sheet (EXCEL) (PDF)
    • ARC Sponsor Report Confirmation (WORD) (PDF)
    • ARV Verification of Reconciliation (WORD) (PDF)
    • ASA Sponsor Acknowledgment (Open as PDF)
    • GDTS Gate Receipts Tote Sheet (EXCEL) (PDF)

    Activity Cash Receipts Entry Guide (Open as PDF

    This manual gives you directions for Activity Cash Receipt Entry for BusinessPlus (IFAS).

    Budget Development User's Guide (PDF)
    This guide, based on the budget development IFAS module, will allow budget managers to build a detailed budget directly into the software.

    LMC Budget Guidelines (PDF)

    LMC Account Tote Sheet (EXCEL)