Intermediate SAGE: Grades 4-5

  • On a typical day at the SAGE Center, choices abound for each SAGE student as they proceed through their day; for example, student selected STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) Units of Study, independent research, and mathematical problem solving. The open learning space of the SAGE Center is driven by the values of curiosity, imagination, innovation, flexibility, and adaptability.  Throughout their day, students will engage in embedded critical thinking and creative problem solving experiences. In addition to these experiences, students meet with gifted peers from around the district for teacher facilitated instruction and discussion. Students set goals, and they record and reflect upon their progress throughout their day.  


  • During mathematical problem solving, students work with the Project M3: Mentoring Mathematical Minds curriculum. These curricular units were created to motivate and challenge mathematically talented students at the elementary level. Project M3 is a nationally recognized mathematics gifted curriculum. 

    The curriculum features investigations, simulations, or real-life problems so students can actively solve them in the same way that practicing mathematicians do. Some opportunities may exist for students to participate in the Math Olympiad competition, a nationally recognized program that exposes students to higher-level mathematical challenges.  

  • Critical thinking challenges occur through a variety of activities. Clever challenges provide the necessary innovative experiences that excite and challenge gifted students.   

  • Students in the SAGE program work in a one-to-world computing environment, where each student uses a device to access and connect to a world of information. This supports our vision of opening our students to limitless opportunities for learning. Students will undertake challenging and stimulating learning experiences supported by instant access to global information resources and powerful tools for information processing, collaboration, creation, and transformation. 

    SAGE Instructors facilitate the usage of various technological tools and applications in the spirit of the SAMR model to interweave these tools into instruction so students utilize technology in a transformational way.