Middle School SAGE: Grades 6-8

  • On a typical day at the SAGE Center, choices abound for each SAGE student as they proceed through their day; for example, student selected STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) Units of Study, independent research, and mathematical problem solving.

    The open learning space of the SAGE Center is driven by the values ocuriosity, imagination, innovation, flexibility, and adaptability.  Throughout their day, students will engage in embedded critical thinking and creative problem solving experiences. In addition to these experiences, students meet with gifted peers from around the district for teacher facilitated instruction and discussion. Students set goals, and they record and reflect upon their progress throughout their day.


  • Lessons touch upon each individual’s strengths and intelligences using an interdisciplinary and multicultural perspective. Each student gains an understanding of their learning style and focuses on how to best utilize that style in interpersonal (e.g., occupational) relationships. Guidance is provided for the SAGE student’s affective as well as cognitive development. Students participate in small group and individual projects to develop critical, creative, and logical thinking skills. Activities foster challenging problem solving, utilizing independent study and affective skills. Students are also given opportunities to be exposed to a variety of guest speakers.  

  • Middle school students are also encouraged to participate in honors courses, extracurricular activities and enrichment opportunities at their home schools.

    2020-21 6th grade UOS Choices