Northland Career Center (NCC) Courses

  • Northland Career Center (NCC) offers 12 programs students can enroll in as a junior and/or senior in high school. These programs are project based where students gain hands on experience specifically related to their future career goals. Students practice what it is they want to do after high school before they graduate. NCC offers opportunities to earn certifications and/or college credits, which gives students several options after high school; immediately into a career, military, college, or job that pays well while attending college.

    Note: Students participating in the afternoon session must provide their own transportation home from the high school because the schedule for the NCC programs extends outside the normal school day. Buses for NCC return as late as 3:15 p.m. for the afternoon session. The school district cannot provide transportation home for students wishing to enroll in afternoon session at NCC. As an NCC student, you are expected to follow the Platte County R-3 School District calendar for that portion of the day in which you are on their campus. If Platte County is in session and NKC is not, you will be expected to attend your session. Conversely, on days in which Platte County R-3 is closed and North Kansas City Schools is open, you will be expected to be at your home campus for your classes. On the days North Kansas City Schools has ½ days, NCC students are still expected to attend the NCC class sections to which they are assigned.