Career Internship

Practical Arts


Course ID: ECM303

Credit: 0.5-2      

Grade level: 12      

Prerequisite: Transportation provided by student.


  • Note: This course is only offered through eCampus. This course can be taken as a Practical Arts-Business & Marketing credit or Practical Arts-Family & Consumer Science credit.


    Course Description: Students can benefit substantially from school directed and supervised career learning experiences at local businesses or other institutions. Student career experiences will be in the form of job shadows, work experience, and internships. Students also will receive instruction in career paths and clusters, training and experience for careers being studied, and skills related to obtaining and holding a job by participating in online class assignments and discussions. Between .5 and 2 credits can be earned each year, so a student could enroll in 2 blocks each semester (10-19 hours/week = .5 credit per semester; 20 or more hours/week = 1 credit per semester). This class is perfect for students who have already selected their career path and for those still searching for their path.