ProStart Foods Level I

Practical Arts


Course ID: FAC206   

Credit: 1      

Grade level: 10, 11, 12      

Prerequisite: Foods for Life; if course enrollment numbers exceed capacity, an application process will be utilized


College Credit Weighted IB
Northmen (Oak Park) Falcon (Staley) Hornet (North Town) Griffin (Winnetonka)
  • Note: this course is offered as a part of the Culinary Arts pathway in the IB Career-related Program (IBCP)

  • Course Description: Are you interested in starting an exciting career in the restaurant and food service industry?  You will be introduced to the fundamentals of restaurant management and culinary arts beginning with preparatory steps for becoming a successful restaurant and food service professional. Application of math, science, and technology will be seen in each unit. Students will learn all aspects of food safety and sanitation and the principles of professional kitchen basics, knife skills, knife cuts, and preparation techniques for stocks, soups, sauces, fruits, vegetables, and an introduction to baking.  Students who pass the end of course exam for Level I will receive a certificate from the National Restaurant Association. Chef coats may be required.