AP College Computer Science Principles - PLTW

Practical Arts - Computer Science


Course ID: BMK112

Credit: 1      

Grade level: 9, 10, 11, 12      

Prerequisite: Computer Science Essentials


  • Note:  This course is offered as a part of the Computer Science pathway in the IB Career-related Program (IBCP). 

    Expectation:  Students taking an Advanced Placement course are expected to take the AP Exam during the spring semester. 

    Course Description: In Computer Science Principles (CSP), students develop the in-demand computer science skills critical to thrive in any of today’s and tomorrow’s careers. The course promotes computational thinking and coding fundamentals and introduces computational tools that foster creativity.  It aims to build students’ awareness of the tremendous demand for computer scientists and those who have computational thinking skills, and engages students to consider issues raised by the impact of computing on society. Each unit also focuses on one or more computer science-specific career paths. Computer Science Principles provides students with a broad exposure to the many aspects of computer science while encouraging creativity, socially responsible choices, and ethical behavior. It inspires algorithmic and computational thinking, helping students see themselves in a career path they might not have initially chosen.