Facility Planning Process

  • In October 2019, the Board of Education adopted an initial long-range facility plan to serve students and families across North Kansas City Schools. The district took a deep look into existing facilities and growth projections to determine where buildings should be updated and/or built to create the best learning environments for students – both now and in the future. As the district continues to grow, it is critical that we build for the future while updating aging buildings, providing top-notch facilities for all of our students, parents and staff. 

    Over the last few months, a facility planning committee has come together bi-weekly to update the existing plan based on new information. Analyzing data from our demographer, bond counsel and Human Resources department, the team began to prioritize immediate and future needs. Initial discussion around the next phase of the facility plan included roof replacements, water line replacements, expansion of learning spaces and completely new buildings in some cases. Following dozens of meetings with staff, students, parents, community members and civic leaders, NKC Schools will now move forward with plans that manage a growing student population while also maintaining existing buildings. After further conversation and feedback, the team adjusted the initial plan to accommodate even more projects that will allow for the ongoing success of NKC Schools.

    In December 2021, the Board of Education approved the updated Long-Range Facility Plan. The presentation is available to view here. To make these proposed improvements a reality, NKC Schools asked voters to consider a zero tax increase levy transfer and $140 million bond issue on the April 5, 2022 ballot. Both measures were approved!



    2019 Facility Planning Meetings

    Davidson & Maplewood at 2019 facility planning community meetings

Facility Plan Timeline

  • 2016

    Zero Tax Increase Bond

    In August 2016, district residents approved a zero tax increase $114 million bond package to improve facilities across the district. North Kansas City High School underwent extensive renovations and additions, modernizing the district's oldest facility. With construction spanning several phases, we welcomed the Northtown community back for the "Hornet Housewarming" in March 2020 to celebrate the official opening. This bond also built our newest elementary school, Rising Hill, in the northeast corner of the district to accommodate for rapid expansion in new neighborhoods. Rising Hill is also equipped for a future addition, should growth continue and more space be needed. In fall 2018 with the completion of a brand-new building, Northview Elementary moved just down the street to its new location. Gateway 6th Grade Center opened in the old Northview facility after renovations, providing Oak Park and Staley students with the opportunity to attend in straight feeder patterns. 

  • 2020

    Zero Tax Increase Bond

    In June 2020, NKC Schools voters approved a $155 million no tax increase bond program as part of the district's Long-Range Facility Plan. Bond projects span the entire district, accommodating for a growing student population and bringing several aging facilities up to date. This bond made possible the district's Early Education Center, fully opened in fall 2021 to serve hundreds of preschoolers across the district. Brand-new elementary schools will open to Maplewood and Davidson learners in fall 2022, when extensive renovations will welcome back Briarcliff students to their school. This bond also made possible stadium complexes at Oak Park and Winnetonka, bringing equity amongst activities facilities. Other projects included renovations to the Winnetonka library, athletic and academic additions to Staley to accommodate more students, a new student entrance at Oak Park, new playgrounds at seven sites, and deferred maintenance at several buildings. 

    Construction began immediately, and several new facilities have opened to the public already.

  • 2022

    Zero Tax Increase Levy Transfer
    & Bond

    As we grow, new facilities and upgrades are a continued need throughout the district. In this phase of the Long-Range Facility Plan, proposed improvements include new facilities at Crestview and Nashua, additions to Rising Hill and Chapel Hill, and extensive upgrades to Linden West, Meadowbrook, Clardy and Oakwood Manor. Bond funding would also support two of our oldest facilities, Lakewood and Winnwood, in planning and creating upgraded learning spaces to best meet their needs. Additional support for staff through a zero tax increase levy transfer will ensure we can continue serving as Champions for All Students. 

    To make these proposed improvements a reality, NKC Schools asks voters to consider a zero tax increase levy transfer and $140 million bond issue on April 5, 2022. 

    Learn more about the 2022 zero tax increase levy transfer and bond.

  • Important Note: Changes to the facility plan are possible due to forces beyond the control of NKC Schools such as economic shifts, weather delays, etc. The district will periodically provide updates on the status of projects so stakeholders are well informed of progress.