• Career Experience – Off Campus

  • Students may apply for off campus experiences during their sophomore year. Enrollment will be in their junior and senior years. Student selection is based on successful completion of prerequisites, good school attendance, and attitude. If students enter a two-year Career Experiences - Off Campus program, they are expected to complete both the junior and senior year. Credit in two years of English Language Arts and at least one year of Math is usually required before a student is considered for the two-year Career Experiences – Off Campus program.

  • Internship Opportunities

    These classes provide students the opportunity for a hands-on related career experience in their field of interest and provide guidance in exploring career options. Refer to the Practical Arts section for course descriptions.

    • Career Internship
    • Family & Consumer Science Internship
    • Marketing Internship



    Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC)


    Business & Technology Center (BTC)-Metropolitan Community College


    Kansas City Career Construction Academy


    Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (Northland CAPS)


    Northland Career Center (NCC)


    Early College at MCC – Maple Woods





    After meeting eligibility requirements, students may receive advanced placement on the beginning wage scale upon admission to one of several apprenticeship programs. See your counselor for specific eligibility requirements. 

    College Credit

    Students may earn college credit from selected 2- and 4-year post-secondary institutions. The actual credit varies from program to program. See your counselor for more information. 


    State and local board policy allows a student to apply up to three units of credit from correspondence toward meeting district graduation requirements. Correspondence credit must be from a correspondence school accredited by AdvancED or its equivalent. Grades are listed as pass/fail and are not included in high school GPA.