Project SEARCH

Special Services Courses


Course ID: SPS744

Credit: 4 per semester      

Grade level: 5th year seniors with developmental disabilities      

Prerequisite: : Partnership with NKC Schools, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Truman Medical Center, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Goodwill, and Center for Human Services. Student must have case opened with Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VR) and have applied to Kansas City Regional Office (KCRO). Student must complete application for program. Upon acceptance, student must complete the compliance guidelines, immunizations, TB test, drug screen, and the health screen required by Children’s Mercy Hospital and Truman Medical Center.

  • NOTE: North Kansas City Schools provides transportation and instructor at the host-site businesses.

    Course Description: During final year in high school, student participates in this one-school year program with total immersion in the workplace at Children’s Mercy Hospital and Truman Medical Center.

    During three ten-week, nonpaid internships that facilitate the acquisition of marketable, transferable work skills the student will gain employability skills (e.g., effective communication, problem solving, leadership, self- advocacy, and appropriate social skills). The ultimate goal upon completion of Project SEARCH is paid employment within the greater Kansas City community.