• The Attain by Aetna Program

    Earn fun rewards by completing personalized activity goals* and achievable actions in Attain by Aetna app. Rewards can be earned over 24 months and include an Apple Watch or gift cards from popular retailers. 

    Program expansion to include Android and other trackable wearables coming soon!


    Enroll in the Program

    Step 1: Text ATTAINAPP to 37046 for a link to download the app or download the Attain by Aetna app from the App Store ®. Message and data rates may apply.

    Step 2: Sign in with your username and password that is registered with Aetna member account. 

    Do not have an account? Register here. Every user of Attain must have their own individual login credentials so Attain can personalize your experience. 

    Step 3: Read through the program details and agree to the terms/conditions. The FAQ webpage on Attain by Aetna website provides more details about the program.  


    Order an Apple Watch or Use Your Own

    Individuals have the option to earn an Apple Watch or use their own Apple Watch to earn gift cards in a 24 month commitment to the Attain Program. 


    Option 1: Earn an Apple Watch

    Participants have the option to earn the Apple Watch Series 3 or upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 5** for an additional up-front cost. During registration, individuals commit to a financial agreement to earn the Apple Watch over 24 months and will be asked for a form of payment to be placed on file. The Apple Watch can be earned by reaching personalized goals. Individuals will not be charged if they reach their personalized goals. If the goals are not met, participants will be charged up to $8/month. 

    Compare the Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 5 on the Apple Store website. 


    Option 2: Use Your Own Watch 

    Individuals may pair their own Apple Watch, to the Attain app and start earning points right away. Individuals have to opportunity to earn up to $280 value in gift cards in 24 months.


    Crush Your Personalized Goals

    Earn your rewards, including money towards paying off the Apple Watch and/or earn gift cards towards popular retails.





    A comprehensive FAQ webpage can be found on the Attain by Aetna website.  


    Who is eligible to participate in this program? 

     Employees, spouses, dependents over the age of 18, and retirees enrolled in the NKCS Medical Benefits. 


    How long is the program?

    If earning an Apple Watch, individuals sign a 24-month financial commitment. For more information on the program details, please read through the program consent and FAQ webpage on Attain by Aetna website. 


    Can I pay off the Apple Watch before the program is completed?

    Yes, you can pay off your remaining Apple Watch balance in full by calling Attain by calling 1-866-820-3731. 


    What if I have an Android? 

    The program currently works with iPhones. An Android version will be available soon.


    Are there other wearable options besides an Apple Watch? 

    The program currently works with the Apple Watch and iPhones. Attain will be compatible with other wearable devices soon.


    What reporting will be provided to NKC Schools? 

    Attain by Aetna will provide an aggregate report to NKCS on the participation of participants.


    My Aetna medical coverage is ending, what will happen if I am enrolled in the program? 

    Earning an Apple Watch
    In the financing agreement that was agreed to in the enrollment of the program, individuals are responsible to pay off the Apple Watch. Individuals have two choices:
    1. Continue the monthly payments, $8/month. The credit card on file will be charged each month until the Apple Watch is paid off.
    2. Pay off the remaining Apple Watch balance in full by calling Attain at 1-866-820-3731.

    Earning Gift Cards

    Individuals can redeem earned points on the Attain app before their coverage ends. Once their coverage ends, individuals will no longer have access to log into Attain. Contact Attain at redeem@attainbyaetna.com within 60 days of your access ending to have our customer service team purchase an Amazon gift card for you. 



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    Contact Attain at 833-288-2461


    *Goals and suggested health actions should not replace your doctor’s advice. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from meeting your goals, or if your doctor advises you not to take part in physical activity, there may be an opportunity for you to earn the same reward in a different way. Call 1-866-820-3731 (TTY: 711) to find out your options.

    **Terms and Conditions: aet.na/2IyZvfc  Privacy Policy: aet.na/2GqxsuN


    NKCS employees sign a financial agreement with Attain for a two year commitment to earn or pay off the Apple watch.


    Earned gift cards and watches may be taxed by NKCS based upon Federal Guidelines


    Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Watch and iPhone are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. AppleCare+, App Store and Apple Store are service marks of Apple, Inc.


    Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 3 require an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13 or later.