About Strings

  • North Kansas City Schools is committed to providing instrumental music to all fifth-grade students. Your fifth grader has the option to become part of the Elementary Strings Program!

    String instruction is available from fifth grade through high school graduation in the North Kansas City School District. We offer instruction on violin, viola, and cello. (Some schools also teach the string bass!) Playing a musical instrument can bring lifelong enjoyment and many string players find themselves in demand at the university level and in community groups.

    Starting in September, bi-weekly Strings classes will be offered in all of our elementary schools. These classes occur during the regular school day. Students are encouraged to rent or purchase their own instruments. (See below for more information on this.)

    Students in Strings can expect to learn the basics of how to play their instrument, learn how to read music, and even get to participate in performances!


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How should I get an instrument?

  • Once your child has decided to join Strings, it is time to get an instrument.

    Renting an instrument is a great option for fifth graders. Instruments in the strings family come in different sizes, and as your child grows they will need larger instruments. Renting an instrument allows for easy trade-in when it is time for your child to switch to a different size.

What size instrument does my child need?

  • Your child’s strings teacher will be available to measure your child at the Strings rental night. If you would rather measure your child ahead of time to save time, here is an excellent sizing guide provided by Shar Music. The instructions are provided for each instrument, including a video and written instructions. 

    If you are still unsure after measuring your child, feel free to reach out to your child’s Strings teacher for further guidance!

Renting an Instrument

  • North Kansas City Schools has four approved vendors who offer rental instruments. All three of these vendors have locations in the Kansas City area, and you will be able to pick up your child’s instrument and class supplies from their shop!

    Rental or purchase options are available from a variety of local music stores. Find out more about the rentals from these vendors on their websites:

    KC Strings

    Meyer Music

    Palen Music

    Music & Arts

Purchasing or Renting Elsewhere

  • If you are interested in going another route to obtain an instrument, it is important that your child has a quality instrument and all of the needed materials in order to succeed. The required materials for Strings class are:

    1. Instrument and Bow
    2. Instrument Case
    3. Rosin
    4. Folding Music Stand (If you have one at home, you need not buy another)
    5. Lesson Book: String Basics Book 1 for your instrument published by Kjos
    6. Soft rag or cloth for cleaning the instrument
    7. Pencil
    8. Shoulder Pad/Rest (Violins/Violas) or Rock Stop (Cello/Bass)

    When looking for an instrument, it is important to choose a quality instrument to help your child succeed. The minimum requirements for an instrument can be found here.

    Additionally, the following brands are approved by our NKC Schools Strings teachers:

    • Beyer
    • Cannonici
    • Eastman
    • Giueseppi
    • Glaesel
    • Herman
    • KC Strings
    • Knilling
    • Scherl & Roth

    Families interested in purchasing a different brand not listed should contact their child’s Strings teacher before purchasing.

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