COVID-19 Testing Resources

  • The state of Missouri has provided school districts with COVID-19 antigen tests for students and staff members. NKC Schools began utilizing these rapid tests in December 2020 for individuals who become symptomatic while at school or work.

    If a student or staff member is experiencing symptoms and is referred to the school nurse, the nurse will make the determination as to whether there is need for an antigen test. Testing may be provided by the school nurse as part of a comprehensive assessment for COVID-19.

    Tests will be administered in our schools adhering to the following protocols:

    • Testing is completely voluntary for both students and staff.
    • Testing will not be available to students nor staff members who have been determined to be close contacts to an individual who has tested positive and asked to stay home. Tests will not be accessible to students who are learning 100% virtually.
    • Testing will not be available to students nor staff members who have become symptomatic while at home and would need to return to the school building to be tested. 
    • Before testing, a student’s parent or legal guardian must sign a consent form. The parent or legal guardian must also be physically present in the nurse’s office during the test.
    • The BinaxNOW COVID-19 antigen test involves a minimally invasive nasal swab administered by a nurse who has received specialized training, with results available within 15 minutes.
    • All test results will be reported to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services within 24 hours of the test administration.

    Should a student or staff member receive a positive test result, NKC Schools will follow our established COVID-19 protocols. In the event of a negative test result, the school nurse will provide further guidance.

    Should you have additional questions, please contact your school or your school nurse directly. Thank you for your partnership as we continue to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in our school communities and find new ways to best serve our students.

Clay County COVID-19 Testing Resources