School of Health and Wellness

  • Students in the School of Health and Wellness provides students with the academic foundation and technical background to prepare them to contribute to the physical, mental and emotional health of our communities at the local and global levels.
    • Registered Nurse

    • Physician and Surgeon

    • Licensed Practical and Vocational nurse

    • Pharmacist

    • Physical Therapist

    • Radiologist

    • Dental Hygienist

    • Veterinarian

    • Radiologic Technologist

    • Massage Therapist

    • Medical Assistant

    • Pharmacy Technician

    • Family and General Practitioner

    • Medical Records

    • Health Care Worker

    • Nurse Anesthetist

    • Occupational Therapist

    • Nurse Practitioner

    • Dietician

Science Student
    Experiences all aspects of overseeing healthcare facilities and the services they provide as you prepare to improve the lives of patients in your community.
    Learn how to help patients live longer, healthier and happier lives as you study best practices for wellness, fitness, nutrition and overall healthy living.

  • Students: For more information on the School of Health and Wellness, CLICK HERE!