2023 Summer School Locations

  • Due to planned construction projects or space needs, some schools may host summer learning at combined or alternate sites. Please see the list of locations below for our anticipated 2023 summer school sites. Some programs may be at alternate sites; look for more information from your student's school. 

    Early Start Elementary (8:45-2:45)

    • Bell Prairie
    • Chapel Hill (at Meadowbrook)
    • Chouteau- ELL Summer School Site
    • Davidson
    • Golden Oaks (at The Jacobs Center)
    • Maplewood
    • Meadowbrook
    • Rising Hill (at Bell Prairie)
    • Topping (at Maplewood)


    Late Start Elementary (9:20-3:20)

    • Briarcliff
    • Clardy & Gashland (at Linden West)
    • Fox Hill
    • Gracemor
    • Lakewood (at Ravenwood)
    • Linden West
    • Nashua
    • Northview
    • Oakwood Manor
    • Ravenwood 
    • West Englewood

    *Current Winnwood and Crestview 5th Graders will be housed at Maple Park for summer programming

    *Students enrolled at Crestview for the 2023-24 school year will be housed at Davidson during June and July. They will continue with their year-round calendar and bell schedule (9:15-4:10)


    6th Grade Centers (8:05-2:05)

    • Eastgate (at Maple Park)
    • Gateway

    Middle School (7:15-1:15)

    • Antioch & New Mark (at Antioch)
    • Maple Park & Northgate (at Northgate) - ELL Summer School Site

    High School (7:25-1:25)

    • Jacobs Center
    • North Kansas City HS - ELL Summer School Site
    • Oak Park
    • Staley
    • Winnetonka