Health Services

  • NKC Schools' Health Services team is here to support your student in staying safe and healthy at school as they enter kindergarten this year! School nurses provide a variety of services at each of our elementary school sites. For more information about what to expect during enrollment and the school year, including health guidelines and immunizations, please see the welcome video from Ravenwood school nurse Stacy Long. 

    For specific questions, please feel free to get in touch directly with your student's school nurse. We look forward to partnering families to support each unique learner at school. Contact information for each school is available here

School Nurse Contact Information

  • Our professional nursing staff is here to support students and families as they enter kindergarten and throughout their school years. If you have any questions specific to your student or would like to discuss what health services may look like next year, please don't hesitate to get in touch with their school nurse. 


    Bell Prairie Elementary School

    Casey Million
    (816) 321-5023

    Gashland Elementary School

    Theresa Keaveney
    (816) 321-5103

    Northview Elementary School

    Maryhelen McLaughlin
    (816) 321-5173

    Briarcliff Elementary School

    Chastity Olivencia
    (816) 321-5033

    Gracemor Elementary School

    Betty Grauberger
    (816) 321-5113

    Oakwood Manor Elementary School

    Bette Marcus
    (816) 321-5183

    Chapel Hill Elementary School

    Emily Rogers
    (816) 321-5043

    Lakewood Elementary School

    Victoria Rudolph
    (816) 321-5123

    Ravenwood Elementary School

    Stacy Long
    (816) 321-5193

    Chouteau Elementary School

    Sheri Smith
    (816) 321-5053

    Linden West Elementary School

    Megan Boese
    (816) 321-5133

    Rising Hill Elementary School

    Lyndsay Panimboza
    (816) 321-5373

    Clardy Elementary School

    Tracy Griggs
    (816) 321-5063

    Maplewood Elementary School

    Ellen Anderson
    (816) 321-5143

    Topping Elementary School

    Tabitha Perry
    (816) 321-5203

    Crestview Elementary School

    Joan Mashburn
    (816) 321-5073

    Meadowbrook Elementary School

    Merritt Altenhofen
    (816) 321-5153

    West Englewood Elementary School

    Melanie Stonecipher
    (816) 321-5213

    Davidson Elementary School

    Stacey Fortin
    (816) 321-5083

    Nashua Elementary School

    Carolyn McGeeney
    (816) 321-5163

    Winnwood Elementary School

    Mallory Lawler
    (816) 321-5223

    Fox Hill Elementary School

    Karen Jones
    (816) 321-5093