Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is NKC Schools continuing to offer a fully virtual learning option? 

    Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, many of our students at all grade levels found great success learning via a fully virtual model. We know that families may have different needs and schedules, and so we're excited to continue offering a 100% virtual learning option for students who would like to learn from home. Building on the feedback that we received from students, families and teachers about the successes and challenges of virtual learning, we have updated our programs to best serve all learners in the coming years.


    Will both virtual learning options be offered for the entire school year? 

    Yes. Both the SchoolsPLP option for elementary and middle school students and the LAUNCH program for high school students will be offered throughout the full school year. 


    Is enrollment in a virtual option guaranteed once I make the selection in the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

    Selecting a fully virtual option for your student does not automatically enroll them in the appropriate program. Instead, your student's school will contact you with confirmation or for further conversation. Enrollment in a virtual learning option may require demonstrated prior success in a virtual learning environment. Students that do not maintain pace or demonstrate success will be required to return to in-person learning.


    Will my child still be considered a student at their school and be able to participate in athletics or activities?

    Yes! Virtual learners remain members of their school community. Whether your child is a Bell Prairie Mustang, Antioch Spartan or a Staley Falcon, they are still part of their school's student body. Elementary and middle school virtual learners will be invited to participate in school activities like Reading Round-Up Night, spirit weeks, or Field Day as appropriate. 

    Middle and high school students may retain MSHSAA eligibility, following normal guidelines and may represent their school in athletics and activities throughout the year if MSHSAA requirements are met. For specific questions about MSHSAA eligibility, please contact your student's counselor and Activities Director.


    Will my student ever be required to come to campus? 

    Students in any grade level may be required to come to campus for testing or other services, per DESE/state guidelines. Virtual learners will also be invited to school events to participate as members of their school community. 


    Can students work at their own pace?

    All students will have goals, pacing and deadlines to meet. For elementary learners, the SchoolsPLP program offers a more flexible schedule for families, with requirements for lessons to be completed over time. High school students should expect a schedule similar to their in-person peers with deadlines throughout the semester. 


    My student has a 504 or IEP. Can they choose virtual learning? 

    Families whose students receive additional services or supports should contact their student's case manager or counselor to determine whether virtual learning may be the best fit.


    My student attends SAGE. Can they choose virtual learning?

    Yes. Students who attend SAGE at the Northland Innovation Center may choose to learn virtually through their home elementary school, then come to SAGE on their designated day of the week in person. SAGE programming will not be offered virtually. 


    Can my student come to campus for some classes?

    SchoolsPLP students will be able to take a small number of courses, such as band, orchestra, choir in person. Students attending these classes at their school must come at the scheduled time. Fully virtual learners must provide their own transportation.

    Students who opt to enroll in the LAUNCH program may attend on campus for fine arts classes only, including band, orchestra, choir and theatre. Students are always welcome to come to campus to access support services, counseling and the library media center. Transportation will not be provided for fully virtual learners.