• high school virtual academy

  • High school students interested in a virtual learning option may choose to enroll in NKC Schools' High School Virtual Academy. Beginning in the fall of 2021, this program will provide a fully virtual ninth through twelfth grade curriculum as an alternative to brick and mortar schooling for families.

High School Virtual Academy Information

  • Virtual courses taught by NKC Schools teachers

    Classes in the High School Virtual Academy will be led by our NKC Schools teachers virtually through Canvas. These courses will offer high-quality learning experiences, just as in person, by connecting a classroom of learners online. The High School Virtual Academy will have a variety of course options from which students may choose. All classes will help students meet graduation requirements, but there is not an online version of every in-person course. Course availability is dependent on enrollment.


    Online learning expectations

    High School Virtual Academy students should expect to spend an average of six hours per day on coursework, working mostly independently to complete aysnchronous lessons and activities. Some courses may also offer synchronous (live) meetings. These meetings will serve as checkpoints for students and offer additional learning opportunities. Meetings may be required as part of the course. Additional opportunities to connect with teachers will be available during established office hours. Students should be available for class activities during normal school hours. 


    Semester commitment

    All students choosing to enroll in NKC Schools' High School Virtual Academy are asked to commit for a full semester. Movement from in-person to virtual learning (or vice versa) will not be available mid-semester. Please ensure you are committed to virtual learning before making this your selection. 


    Schedule and pace

    NKC Schools' High School Virtual Academy is not a self-paced program. Classes will include regularly scheduled assignments and assessments. Teachers will share information and facilitate courses on the normal school week schedule. Students do have some flexibility in how and where they decide to work on their courses, but must complete assignments by their scheduled due dates. Students should expect to be available during normal school hours for class. Some courses may also provide synchronous (live) lessons and activities where students will be expected to tune in during the day. Students will be expected to work independently to follow the schedule of the class, receiving additional support from their teacher when necessary.


    Home high school

    High school students who select the virtual option will still be considered Hornets, Northmen, Falcons or Griffins. Virtual students are connected members of their school community, welcome and encouraged to attend all after-school activities or special events at their own high school. To provide a greater selection of course offerings, courses may be combined sections where students learn alongside their peers from other high schools or from teachers outside their home high school.


    In-person fine arts courses

    High School Virtual Academy students may take four fine arts classes in person: band, orchestra, choir and theatre. Virtual learners will attend these courses at their home high school in their regularly scheduled period during the school day. Transportation will not be provided. 


    Special education services and English language learners

    Virtual students are eligible for intervention and support services as per their individual plan. Students receiving special education services should consult with their IEP team in making the decision to enroll in the High School Virtual Academy.


    Library Media Centers and counseling services

    Students will have access to the library media center's resources just as they would attending in person. Many library resources are also available online. Students may continue to check out books from the library in their school of residence. Each high school counseling department will continue to offer virtual meetings and services for students. Virtual learners are encouraged to reach out to their counselor early and often throughout their semester to set a course for success. 


    Technology and resources

    NKC Schools provides a district-issued device to all students in grades K-12 to support learning. High school students will continue to use their district laptop to access Canvas and other tools. 


    Testing and assessments

    Just as their peers learning in person, virtual learners will take all appropriate class, district and state assessments. Virtual learners may be required to come to their school site in person to take a test (for example, the ACT or End-of-Course exams) following all applicable test security measures. NKC Schools will continue to follow all appropriate safety measures in accordance with guidance from our local health officials. Virtual learners will receive grades and report cards at the same time as their peers learning in person. 


    MSHSAA eligibility 

    Students enrolled in the High School Virtual Academy can be eligible to participate in activities and athletics per the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA). For information about requirements and to ensure eligibility, students should contact their school counselor and Activities Director. 



    Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.