Virtual Learning for Kindergarten-8th Grade

  • We are excited to continue offering a fully virtual learning option for our elementary and middle school students through the SchoolsPLP platform. Feedback from students and parents has demonstrated that our families value the SchoolsPLP program's flexibility and opportunities for independent learning. 

SchoolsPLP Information

  • About SchoolsPLP

    SchoolsPLP is a fully online program, offering elementary and middle school students the opportunity to learn independently from home. The curriculum is aligned to Missouri Learning Standards and provides great flexibility as students have the ability to learn following their own schedules. 



    Learners navigate through curriculum aligned to Missouri Learning Standards at their own pace, with a weekly meeting with an NKC Schools teacher. 



    Parents and families will serve as the key supporters of student learning. For K-8 students, this option will also include weekly meetings with an NKC Schools teacher to facilitate learning. Students will receive frequent feedback toward learning goals through the SchoolsPLP platform. 



    All K-8 students in NKC Schools will continue to be provided a district device (iPad) to support virtual learning from home.



    The SchoolsPLP option is open to all students entering grades kindergarten through eighth. Students receiving special services following a 504 or IEP should consult with their student's school before selecting this option.


    Semester commitment

    Families are asked to commit to a full semester of learning via SchoolsPLP. Movement from in-person to virtual learning (or vice versa) will not be available mid-semester. Please ensure you are committed to virtual learning before making this your selection.