• Strategic Planning

  • The time has come for North Kansas City Schools to embark on creation of the district’s next five-year Strategic Plan. The purpose of such work is to articulate our shared vision, mission and values, guiding the future of student success. We’ve partnered with Dr. Lindsey Gunn of The Cambrian Group for the last two iterations of this plan. This has served us well, helping to define aspirational goals for organizational improvement with representation from students, families, staff members, Board members, business partners and the community.

    North Kansas City Schools’ first step in strategic planning involved gathering input from students, families, community and staff members. Students will have a variety of means to share their thinking. All other stakeholders have had two options for their voices to be heard: Community Forums or Virtual Input. Four Community Forums were hosted October 27-28. A virtual survey was open to all through November 1.

  • All information gleaned from community forums, virtual input and student sessions will be compiled and processed throughout the month of November. The Strategic Planning Team will use this data as part of their three-day retreat in December to develop:

    •  Beliefs (The unequivocal expression of fundamental values, convictions, and character.)
    •  Mission (A clear, definitive statement of highest aspiration including unique identity, specific purpose, and critical attributes.)
    •  Parameters (Strict pronouncements that establish the boundaries, limits, and rules within which the mission is to be accomplished.)
    •  Objectives (The desired measurable, observable, or demonstrable results that realize the mission.)
    •  Strategies (Largely stated initiatives through which the mission and objectives are to be achieved.)


    Between January and April, Action Planning Teams will take the work of the initial group to further develop the plan. It is important that we hear from you in order to accurately reflect the values and beliefs of the community we serve. Please contribute to this important process that shapes the future of North Kansas City Schools.