Where to get school-required vaccinations?

Well-Child Visits

    • Physician's Office


      During the back-to-school rush, the immunization clinic at the health department may reach full capacity, so, please, schedule an appointment with your child's physician.

      For more information on the required school vaccine, ask your child's pediatrician, the school nurse, or visit the information provided by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services childhood required immunizations.


      School-based Immunization clinics


      The Clay County Public Health Center Registered Nurses will be offering all required and recommended school immunizations for all middle and high schools in the North Kansas City School DistrictTo be eligible for the school immunization clinic, the student must be in middle school between the ages of 11-14 or in high school between the ages of 16-18. Visit this link for more information on school immunization clinics dates and locations and to register your child for a clinic.


      Immunizations at the Clay County Public Health Center


      To make an appointment with Clay County Public Health Center for non-COVID immunizations, please call 816-595-4355.

      Visit their website for more information on immunizations.


      Kansas City Missouri Health Department


      Families can call the Kansas City, MO., Health Department at 816-513-6108 to make an appointment for immunizations. Walk-ins, during clinic hours, are accepted but it may take you longer to be seen.

      Visit their website for more information on immunizations.


      Looking for COVID-19 vaccination opportunities?  



  • If you haven’t already done so, we encourage our students’ families to schedule annual well-child visits. It is important that children routinely receive preventive care. Data shows that healthy children tend to earn better grades, attend school more often, and display more positive behaviors in class.


    The Benefits of Well-child Visits

    • Preventive care (including immunizations)
    • Following growth and developmental milestones
    • Tracking social and emotional development
    • A safe place to ask questions and raise concerns about your child’s health
    • A team approach to healthcare that includes you, your child, and your child’s provider
    • Obtaining resources to support your family’s needs.


    For more information on well-child visits, finding a doctor, and other child health information, visit www.healthychildren.org.


    For information and options on finding affordable, low, or no-cost health insurance, please visit CoverMissouri.org or call (800)466-3213.