• YouthFriends are mentors who support students academically on a monthly basis. Applicants are trained and complete a child abuse/neglect screening as well as a criminal background screening prior to being placed with district students.

    If your school is requesting you to be screened to attend a field trip, school activities, or out-of-town overnight events as a parent chaperone, please do not proceed with the YouthFriends application. Contact Jason Fowler, Coordinator of Middle School Activities, as the screening procedures are different for these parent groups.

    To become a YouthFriends volunteer, please apply online.

    Current YouthFriend volunteer opportunities include: 

    • Before or After School Activities: Coach a group of students in a specific activity or share a skill with students such as acting, sewing, etc.
    • Breakfast or Lunch Buddy: Meet with students during breakfast or lunch and take time to have a conversation with them about what's going on in life. Encourage students to always be and do their best in all they do.
    • Classroom Helper: Assist students in the classroom with various academic activities.
    • Library Assistant: Help students as they come to the library media center looking for books or researching information for a class assignment.
    • Tutor: Help students build self-esteem and confidence to succeed in school through supporting them with academic studies.


     For more information about YouthFriends, call the Partners in Education office at (816) 321-5018 or email


School Involvement Opportunities

  • NKC Schools welcomes family involvement in our schools. Opportunities to make a difference in our schools include getting involved with a school-parent organization, participating in classroom activities and planning special events. We recognize the significant contributions families can make toward promoting student and classroom excellence.

    Families interested in visiting the school to support students in the capacities listed below should contact their neighborhood school directly.

    • Attending breakfast or lunch with own child/relation
    • Book Fairs (set-up, take-down, check-out)
    • Class Parties
    • Field Day Events
    • Fundraisers
    • PTA/Booster Club
    • School Carnivals/Family Fun Night
    • Staff Appreciation Events