• Early College at MCC – BT (Business & Technology Campus)


    Your career path begins here! Get a head start!

    BTC Metropolitan Community College (MCC) – Business & Technology and our district high schools have developed a program option for students eager to build skills in three high-skill, high demand technical career fields: Engineering Technology/Design, Industrial Technology, and Computer Integrated Machining and Manufacturing. These programs give you a head start toward a college certificate or degree and put you in a good position to qualify for paid internships and great jobs with Kansas City area companies.

    BTC Engineering technicians work hand-in-hand with engineers, industrial designers, and production specialists to design, create and manufacture almost anything you can imagine. A wide variety of products are brought to life by technology teams, including aircraft, automobiles, personal electronics, and even power plants that run entire cities. This program will give you solid foundational skills in computer-aided drafting and design (CADD), parametric modeling, prototyping, and residential design. If you complete both years of the program, you will earn 15 college credits toward various degrees in MCC’s Engineering Technology program.

    BTC Industrial electronics rule the world! Industrial automation technologies are the “invisible hands” that make modern life possible. Almost anything you can think of, from the generation of electricity and energy to the manufacturing of all products, building climate controls, and even traffic lights depends upon industrial technologies to make them run – and “armies” of expert industrial craftspeople to keep them running. Industrial technicians ensure the smooth efficient functioning of manufacturing production processes. They install, test, repair and adjust electrical machinery and electrical control equipment to detect and prevent problems that could cost manufacturers millions of dollars in lost production time. These technicians are in high demand and paid accordingly. This program will introduce you to basic electrical principles, safety, print reading, motor controls and programmable logic controllers – the devices that are at the heart of modern automation systems. You will also use your new skills to build a photovoltaic or solar system. If you complete both years of the program, you will earn 20 college credits toward various certificates and degrees in MCC’s Industrial or Engineering Technology programs – and be well prepared to present a solid application for an Electrical Worker apprenticeship program.

    Computer Integrated Machining and Manufacturing workers use manual lathes, manual mills and computer numerical control (CNC) equipment to manufacture precision metal parts. This program, designed by MCC-BT's Precision Machining Consortium industry partners, prepares students to begin a career in manufacturing and machining. Students will have an opportunity for a paid internship as an entry-level machinist with a consortium manufacturing company during the last six weeks of the semester.  

    You will spend most of your time on campus in your technical courses. A portion of your day, though, will be spent in an innovative Industrial Technology Academic Learning Community where you will review the specific math, reading and writing skills you are encountering in your electrical classes. The purpose for this targeted Academic Learning Community is to make sure you master the technical concepts you’re studying, you are well prepared for additional college-level work, and you build the math and communication skills you will use in any job. You will also complete College 100, a one-credit, orientation-to-college course required of all MCC students.


    These programs are open to juniors and seniors from the North Kansas City School District and the district will cover all costs associated with the program (tuition, books, and fees). Transportation also is provided from your high school to the campus. 







    By participating in an Early College program, you will…

    • Earn college credit – and save time and money toward completing a college degree.
    • Gain the academic skills needed to succeed in college-level classes.
    • Clarify your career interest and goals.
    • Build the skills that can help you land a paid internship or entry-level job right out of high school and put you on the path to a rewarding career.

    The outlook for careers in Advanced Manufacturing is very strong due to employee replacement and company expansion. Persons entering these fields can anticipate an average salary between $41,000 and $69,000 with an Associate of Applied Science. This is a great place to earn high school credit, begin to earn free college credit and spend every day on a college campus. This is the perfect transition program to future post-secondary certification and/or college degrees. 

    Please contact Aaron Dalton, Coordinator, School to Career Programming at (816) 321-6652 or aaron.dalton@nkcschools.org with any questions concerning Early College BTC.

    Metropolitan Community College – Business & Technology Campus
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