2020/2021 Preschool

  • This outstanding preschool for children turning four on or before July 31 provides opportunities for exploration, discovery, creativity, problem-solving and social interaction. Each class has up to 20 students with a certified teacher and an instructional assistant. Buildings have two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Children attend 5 half-day sessions, Monday through Friday. The program provides large group, small group and individual activities. This federally-funded program is offered free of charge to those eligible.

    2020/2021 Parent Handbook 

    At Home Learning Resources Unit 1

    At Home Learning Resources Unit 2 and 3

    At Home Learning Resources Unit 4 

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          Numbers Handout



    The schools offering Early Childhood Preschool classrooms for the 2019/2020 school year include: Bell Prairie, Chouteau, Crestview, Oakwood Manor, Gashland, Gracemor, Linden West, Maplewood, Topping, West Englewood and Winnwood.

    • The preschool classroom for Bell Prairie, Fox Hill, Nashua, Rising Hill and Northview attendance areas is located at Bell Prairie.
    • The preschool classroom for Crestview, Chouteau and Briarcliff attendance areas is located at Chouteau.
    • The preschool classroom for Davidson and Oakwood Manor attendance areas is located at Oakwood Manor.
    • The preschool classroom for Chapel Hill, Clardy, Northview and Gashland attendance areas is located at Gashland.
    • The preschool classroom for Linden West and Meadowbrook attendance areas is located at Linden West.
    • The preschool classroom for Maplewood and Ravenwood attendance areas is located at Maplewood.
    • The preschool classroom for Topping and Ravenwood attendance areas is located at Topping.
    • The preschool classroom for Winnwood and Lakewood attendance areas is located at Winnwood.
    • The preschool classroom for West Englewood is located at West Englewood
    • The preschool classroom for Gracemor is located at Gracemor



    Children who live in the above-listed school attendance areas, and who will be four-years-old on or before July 31, may be eligible for North Kansas City Schools Early Childhood Preschool. The program is federally-funded with the main purpose being to help children most at need. The final test score from screenings is just one part of the criteria used to determine those at most need. Children are placed in scored order by attendance area to determine the initial class roster for the year. All other children are placed on a wait list to be contacted should there be any vacancies in any of the classrooms in the district (not just the attendance area school).

    For more information on Title 1 Early Childhood Preschool, contact Courtney Holt at (816) 321-4839.