Professional Development

  • The dedicated staff members of North Kansas City Schools work diligently to improve their practice on a consistent basis. Comprehensive, sustained and intensive professional learning opportunities are designed to improve teachers’ and principals’ effectiveness in raising student achievement.

    Specific tracks of professional development in NKC Schools include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • A two-year induction program for new and beginning teachers and administrators
    • K-12 cohorts focused on literacy across all contents
    • K-12 cohorts focused on mathematics
    • K-12 content-specific modules focused on instruction and technology integration in a workshop setting
    • Collaborative and content-specific learning for all administrators
    • Collaborative learning for all Teaching and Learning Coaches

    It is our belief that professional learning must be job-embedded and function on a continuous cycle of improvement. For this reason, the district provides time for teachers to work in professional learning teams as part of our last start schedule each Thursday. These prescribed times, in addition to block meetings, Back-to-School week, specified release days for professional development, a catalog of Professional Growth Courses offered throughout the year, and a week-long Summer Academy, all provide options and extensions for teacher learning.

    As our previous Strategic Plan states, “We will ensure diversified learning experiences that celebrate personal growth and promote lifelong learning for all.North Kansas City Schools empowers its educators to accomplish this goal through robust professional learning opportunities.

    For more information, contact Academic Services at 816-321-5000.