What Riders & Parents Need to Know

  • Please click here for our Transportation brochure, which outlines our guidelines and policies.


    Guidelines for Transporting Musical Instruments on a Bus

    The Following Instruments are NOT transported on NKC School District buses except as noted.



    • Double Bass:  Not transported on bus (instrument extends beyond seating area)
    • Cello: Only transported on orchestra trips when empty seats are available and instrument fits within seat


    Band: Drivers may be able to transport instruments that will fit within the confines of a seat for band trips that have extra available empty seats.

    • Baritone Saxophone
    • French Horns (band trips only*)
    • Euphonium/Baritone
    • Tuba/Sousaphone
    • Trombones with cases that will not fit between students within the seat or completely under the seat
    • Tenor Saxophone with cases that will not fit between students within the seat or completely under the seat


    Percussion:  Percussion may be transported on buses specifically reserved to transport band students if there are available empty seats leaving 2 rows between students and percussion, and all percussion items are stowed with the majority of the instrument below the top of the seat. All percussion hardware must be stored in a way to reduce the risk of instruments being projectiles in the event of an accident. No instruments may be stowed in the aisle.

    • Percussion Packs: 
    • Snare Drum
    • Tenor Drums (Quads/Quints)
    • Bass Drums
    • Any percussion hardware that extends into the aisle
    • Congas
    • Timbales
    • Drum Set
    • Oversized Cymbals and Plates


    Electronics: For trips with Jazz Band, Pep Band or Electronic Orchestra

    • Keyboards that extend beyond the seat and will not fit between seats
    • Amps that will not fit on seats with the 75% of amp below seat top
    • Guitars and cases that will not fit between seats


    Auxiliary (Marching Band): Any auxiliary items that will not fit within or between seats


    Note: Parents will be required to find transportation to and from school for any large instruments on this list and/or like-sized instruments and their cases, not included on this list.