Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

  • Update (January 7, 2021):
    Updated Stay-at-Home Guidance & Winter Break Dashboard


    As we shared before break began, NKC Schools continued contact tracing and COVID-19 reporting throughout Winter Break. A special edition of the COVID-19 dashboard was posted on Monday afternoon and updated again this afternoon. The dashboard reflects the case information reported to NKC Schools during the period of December 19 through January 3. The dashboard will next be updated on Friday, January 16 with data from the first week of January. Should you have concerns or questions regarding COVID-19, please don't hesitate to reach out to your student's principal.

    Following updated guidance from the CDC and recommendations from the Clay County Health Department, students and staff who are asked to stay home from school sites should now remain home for 10 days. This is a change from the previous timeframe of 14 days. Students and staff may return after 10 days have passed if they have no symptoms and continue to self-monitor and wear a mask. Families will have the option of following the updated guideline or continuing the full 14-day quarantine. Students will not be penalized as a result of this decision. Students and staff members who were potentially exposed will continue to be contacted directly with more information. If you have questions or would like to have further conversation, please contact your student's school.

  • Update (December 17, 2020):
    COVID Procedures Over Winter Break


    As our students head toward their final day of learning in 2020, we have an important update on COVID-19 procedures during Winter Break. All NKC Schools contact tracing operations will continue with a few changes in procedure.

    If a student receives a positive COVID-19 test, probable diagnosis, or exposure notification during Winter Break, families should contact Student Services at 816-321-5004 immediately.

    Although NKC Schools will be out of session for 16 days, all documentation, contact tracing, and health department reporting will continue. Due to the length of our break period, there is still potential for students and staff to be affected. Timely, accurate information regarding any cases will help us maintain these critical efforts and communication. Thank you for your partnership in this process.

    Letters from your student’s principal about any positive cases will not be sent prior to the second week of Winter Break to allow staff and families uninterrupted time to rest and recharge. The district’s COVID-19 dashboard will not be updated during the break, but a special dashboard pertaining to Winter Break, alone, will be published upon our return.

    As we enjoy and celebrate the holiday season, let’s all commit to continued practice of mitigation measures: wearing masks, washing hands frequently, social distancing whenever possible, limiting travel, and staying home when sick. We want your family to enjoy your break to the fullest extent possible. Your health and wellness is important to accomplishing that goal. Even during the break, NKC Schools is committed to serving our families and community. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your student’s principal. Enjoy the well-deserved break ahead!

  • Update (December 1, 2020):
    COVID-19 Antigen Testing in Schools

    The state of Missouri recently provided school districts with COVID-19 antigen tests for students and staff members. NKC Schools will begin utilizing these rapid tests for individuals who become symptomatic while at school or work. If a student or staff member is experiencing symptoms and is referred to the school nurse, the nurse will make the determination as to whether there is need for an antigen test. Testing may be provided by the school nurse as part of a comprehensive assessment for COVID-19. Learn more about specific protocols for testing in schools in a message shared with families on December 1

  • This page will continue to be updated as necessary with important information and any additional details. Questions and concerns can be directed to the district's Let's Talk site.

Clay County Public Health Community Recovery Plan

  • Clay County is currently going through the slow and steady process of recovery out of the stay-at-home orders that expired on May 3. 

    Throughout recovery, it is incredibly important that every individual and business remember these four Recovery Essentials that will help prevent the spread of disease and protect our community:

    1. High-risk persons should continue to stay home except for essential activities. Anyone who is sick should also stay at home.
    2. Wear a face mask/covering when interacting with others outside your home.
    3. Always maintain physical distancing (six feet) from anyone you do not live with.
    4. Maintain the highest levels of cleaning and hygiene.


    The goal is to not return to a stay-at-home order, however, if at any time COVID-19 disease rates demonstrate the need to return to those measures, the public health order will be amended.  

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