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Board of Education Public Comment

Visitors' Comments

Each regular North Kansas City Schools Board of Education business meeting opens with an opportunity for visitors to make comments to the Board. Persons who wish to address any subject concerning the district may do so at this time. Prior to the meeting, a request must be submitted to the Board Secretary/Clerk. This request may be submitted through the form below. Requests using this form must be received no later than 12:00 p.m. on the date of the meeting. Requests may also be made on a yellow card made available at the meeting. Please see the Board Secretary prior to the meeting for more information.

The Board president will call the meeting to order and at the "Visitors' Comments" agenda item ask for comments from the audience. Patrons are asked to keep their remarks concise and to a limit of three minutes. Patrons will be scheduled to speak in the order requests are received. This portion of the meeting shall not exceed one-half hour. In the event Board members agree that the normal flow of business is being unnecessarily delayed, they may suspend public participation.

District Calendar

Addressing Agenda Items

A person wishing to address an item on the official agenda during the business portion of the meeting must complete a request form. Persons wishing to speak should contact Peggy Cole, Board Secretary/Clerk. The form is to be completed and returned to the Board Secretary/Clerk no later than five days in advance of the meeting.  Persons may speak only once on an agenda item and for no more than three minutes without consent of the Board.