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Partner with Pathways

In fall of 2021, students attending all four high schools within NKC Schools began engaging with business partners through authentic pathways programs. These experiences will provide work-based learning opportunities for students benefiting the business community both now and later. NKC Schools’ College and Career Pathways allow businesses to collaborate in shaping the future workforce by working with students in ways ranging from job shadowing and guest speaking opportunities to internships and mentorships for individual students or groups of students.

Your business can benefit from students in your workplace. You can act as a mock interviewer. You can speak to a class. You can host a teacher, so they will see firsthand what your business does. Work with NKC Schools to create the kind of worker you want to hire as we prepare students for life after graduation.

Interested in partnering with NKC Schools? Contact Athena Graham at (816) 321-4696 to get started.


flyer for partner information - click for accessible version