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A+ Schools Program

The Missouri A+ Schools program provides funding for eligible high school graduates to pursue postsecondary education.

North Kansas City Schools' first two schools were designated as A+ Schools in 1994. NKC Schools was also the first district in the Kansas City metro area to receive A+ designation. 

Each year, hundreds of NKC Schools students participate in the A+ program and earn benefits to pursue their future goals. Students must meet eligibility criteria to access program funding. To participate, students should contact their school's A+ coordinator.

Instituted as part of Senate Bill 380 (Outstanding Schools Act) by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the A+ Schools Program has set three goals:

  1. All students graduate from high school.
  2. All students complete a selection of high school studies that is challenging and for which there are identified learning expectations.
  3. All students proceed from high school graduation to college or post-secondary vocational or technical school, or high-wage job with workplace skill development opportunities.
A plus student

NKCHS student helping Crestview student with iPad

More Information

A+ School Contacts

High School Administrator Contact
North Kansas City High School David Garrison
Assistant Principal
Jessica Byers
Administrative Assistant
(816) 321-4961
Oak Park High School

Dr. Mike Dial
Assistant Principal

Jennifer Burke
Administrative Assistant
(816) 321-6102
Staley High School

Kevin Kooi
Assistant Principal

Dena Carroll
Administrative Assistant
(816) 321-4315
Winnetonka High School Shannon Elijah
Assistant to the Principal
Ruth Sawyer
Administrative Assistant
(816) 413-3794