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Data Management

North Kansas City Schools has moved from aggregate data collection to student-level data to ensure every student counts. Since implementing a data warehouse, district educators are able to collect and analyze in order to answer critical questions facing all education stakeholders. The data warehouse provides a timely, comprehensive view of student achievement based on integration of multiple systems. Educators are learning what is working best for students. Simply stated, a data warehouse is a hub for multiple systems to meet and produce combined reports.

As a result of a data warehouse implementation, NKC Schools has a reporting and analysis (R/A) environment. The benefits of this environment are fast turnaround time, data presented in a graphical dashboard, and high quality measures that will be in place to catch errors quickly. The District also looks forward to longitudinal data sets. This would enable educators to utilize predictive analysis.

Data is easy to access through the data warehouse for the purpose of analysis and communication to all stakeholders both internal and external. An environment of data literacy is supported through a system of training and building support strategies.

District progress and successes are measured using multiple lenses of MSIP6 standards and the Balanced Scorecard.

For more information on Data Management, contact Dr. Chris Shanks at 816.321.4924 or Dr. Chad Brinton at 816.321.4238.