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Federal Programs

Title I and related Federal Programs aim to ensure that every child has access to a high-quality education and can achieve proficiency in challenging state academic standards and assessments. These programs offer flexible funding options that can be utilized for various purposes, such as hiring additional instructional staff, providing professional development opportunities, extending instructional time, and implementing strategies to enhance student achievement in participating schools. They emphasize school-wide improvements and the use of evidence-based instructional methods and challenging academic content. The specific Federal Programs in this category include:

1. Title I.A – Enhancing Basic Programs Administered by State and Local Education Agencies
2. Title II.A – Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High-Quality Teachers, Principals, or Other Educational Leaders
3. Title III.A – Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students
4. Title IV.A – Grants for Student Support and Academic Enrichment

Title VI Program - funded through the Bureau of Indian Education:  This grant serves students who are of Native American, Alaskan Native, Aleutian Native, Native Arctic, or First Peoples descent.

Attention: If you, your child, or your child's grandparent has Tribal or Band membership, you may fill out an ED 506 Form.  This form serves as each student's official eligibility record for in the Title VI Native American Grant Program student count. By submitting a form with proof of tribal membership, your child could be counted for funding under the program. Please refer to quick links for more information about Title VI eligibility.  


Dr Katie Lawson
Dr Katie Lawson
Executive Director Special Programs
Susanne Bragaw
Administrative Assistant - Federal Programs


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