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Middle School (7-8)

North Kansas City Schools is home to four middle schools where students attend in grades 7 and 8. Parents can learn more about middle school curriculum and planning for high school by using the Transitional Academic Guide for middle school and the Career Planning and Education Guide for high school students. The Transitional Academic Guide gives students in middle school information they will need as they embark on this next level of their school career.

Transitional Academic Guide – 7th & 8th Grade

Team Concept

Unlike elementary school classes, students in middle school are assigned to four-person teams. Students coming from district sixth grade centers will have experience with the team concept at that level as well. The teams are interdisciplinary and integrate the four core subject areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Each teacher on the team shares the same group of students and team teachers share a common conference and plan periods so they can meet together with parents, discuss objectives and instructional strategies and plan team activities. Classrooms are in close proximity and teams encourage a sense of community and belonging among the students, easing the transition from elementary to sixth grade to middle school. 

Encore Classes

At the middle school level, students have choice regarding more than a half dozen Encore classes, allowing students the opportunity to explore a variety of talents and interests. Choices (depending on whether student is a seventh or eighth grader) include AVID, Band, Communication Technology, English Language Learners (ELL), Health, Modern Languages, Orchestra, Physical Education, Project Lead The Way Automation and Robotics, Public Speaking and Theater, Technology Connect, Technology Literacy,  Visual Arts and Vocal Music. See the Transitional Academic Guide for more information.

Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP)

Seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to participate in the Distinguished Achievement Program. Distinguished Achievement honorees in middle school must either complete all Honors MTSS course work or meet 5 of the 9 performance standards.

To be recognized as a Distinguished Achievement Honoree, a student must complete 5 of the 9 standards given below:

  1. Earn a 3.00 GPA (B average).
  2. Demonstrate success in at least two honors courses during the school year. This can be earning an A or B in advanced math, high school level language, or AVID and/or successfully completing the honors showcase for the Honors Experience MTSS class.
  3. Participate in a fine arts activity demonstrating creativity. (for example: music solos, dance recital, Honors band/choir, school play)
  4. Participate in a student activity demonstrating action and leadership. (for example: organize a community service activity, teach/coach younger kids, MPDC, Student Council, AVID Ambassador)
  5. Participate in school/community service demonstrating action and leadership. (for example: volunteer at a food pantry, neighborhood clean-up, work without pay, helping a teacher at school)
  6. Practice good citizenship (no office referrals).
  7. Participate in career exploration opportunities such as job shadowing or complete independent research.
  8. Earn a minimum of two awards. (for example: Honor Roll, Viking Voyage, Valued Viking, Star of the Week, Student of the Week, cross-country medal, belt in Taekwondo)
  9. Advanced or Proficient on at least one section of the MAP test (from the previous year).