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1NKCNews Podcast

In 2020, NKC Schools launched a new way to keep up with what’s happening in the district. Check out our podcast: 1NKCNEWS. Catch information you won’t hear anywhere else, covering a wide range of topics. Stay tuned for new episodes!

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District News & Updates


Episode 23: NKC Schools Launches Mentoring Program

Mentoring can change a student's life! In this edition of 1NKCNEWS host Susan Hiland shares information about the new mentoring program North Kansas City Schools launches this fall. Joining this episode is Shannon C. Shelton, Assistant Director of Work-Based Learning, to discuss how the program works and its benefits. Kim Nakahodo, a mentor and Deputy City Administrator of North Kansas City, also joins to share why she believes mentoring our youth is so important. 

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Episode 20: Catalyst Program with David Persley

A new program looks to identify high performing low-income students and provide resources to help them prepare, apply, and get accepted into college. Its mission and purpose are very personal for David Persley, who oversees the program. Host, Susan Hiland, talks with David about the goals of the program and how students can become part of the Catalyst program.

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Episode 19: New Student Support Programs

NKC Schools introduces more initiatives to support students. Host, Susan Hiland, talks with Janelle Porter, Director of Student Services, about how Hope Squad will benefit students. Also, Sarah Boyd, the Public Information Officer with the Clay County Sheriff's Department, talks about the role additional School Resource Deputies will play in schools.


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Episode 22: Getting Fit

Is your new treadmill gathering dust? Too busy to use that new gym membership? Need to kickstart your fitness plan? Join Amber Paxton, NKC Schools’ Wellness Specialist and Tim Kuebler, Personal Trainer and teacher at Maple Park Middle School, in this 1NKCNews podcast. Learn strategies to get moving again plus incentives and resources the district provides to help you get fit.

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Episode 21: Losing Weight

If your New Year’s resolution was to exercise and lose weight, your motivation may be fading. In this 1NKC News podcast, NKC Schools’ Wellness Specialist, Amber Paxton, and Cami Mottet with NKC Hospital’s Total Weight Loss Center have tips to keep you on track and a free book that helps you manage stress and unhealthy eating.

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Episode 13: Wellness Overview with Amber Paxton

Taking care of your health and wellness is even more important now as we cope with the pandemic. Amber Paxton, NKC Schools’ Wellness Specialist, joins host Susan Hiland with some tips on self-care and managing your physical and mental health. Amber shares news about several programs available to support staff.

College & Career Pathways

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Episode 24: Jumpstart Your College Education

Graduate from high school with an associate degree with little or no debt! NKC Schools offers that opportunity through its Early College Academy. Host Susan Hiland talks with two students currently in the program, Cooper Bancroft & Mayci Kaufman. Plus, Shannon Gilliland, Assistant Director of College & Career Readiness, explains how the program works.

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Episode 6: What Are College & Career Pathways and How Will Students Benefit?

NKC Schools works to redesign high school so students are more engaged and successful. Learning pathways have been designed to benefit all students no matter their area of interest. Ensuring all classes have practical, real-world experiences is the cornerstone of the program developed by ConnectEd. Susan Hiland delves into the new initiative with ConnectEd CEO and President, Dr. Gary Hoachlander, and NKC Schools' Dr. Mark Maus.

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Episode 9: School of Human Services

We’ll discuss the coursework and experiences for students who choose this school. Host, Susan Hiland, talks with the Oak Park principal and Ashley Lee, Winnetonka business teacher, about how pathway learning can prepare students for post-graduation success.

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Episode 10: School of Business, Leadership & Entrepreneurship

We’ll discuss what type of student would be interested in this school and how students can engage throughout their high school years. Host, Susan Hiland, discusses the experiences for students who choose this pathway with Dr. Larry Smith, principal at Staley High School, and Eric Whited, business teacher at Oak Park.

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Episode 11: School of Design, Innovation & Technology

We’ll discuss matching a student’s interests to a learning pathway and how building community within the pathway sets students up for success. Host, Susan Hiland, talks with Dr. Drew White, principal at NKCHS, and Lewis McKenzie, computer science teacher, also at Northtown, to learn more about how they are working to individualize learning for each student to ensure success.

Professional Development

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Episode 15: Matt Glover #1

This podcast is to provide professional development for NKC Schools’ teachers. Host, Susan Hiland, talks with District Instructional Coordinator, Casi Hodge, along with author and writing consultant, Matt Glover. In part one of four, the focus is on writing development and how teachers can view student writing through a strengths-based lens to make instructional decisions.

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Episode 16: Matt Glover #2

This podcast features professional development for NKC Schools’ teachers. In part two, host, Susan Hiland, talks with District Instructional Coordinator, Casi Hodge, along with author and writing consultant, Matt Glover about possible reasons students disengage in writing. They explore methods to increase student engagement.

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Episode 17: Matt Glover #3

This professional development podcast focuses on craft studies vs process studies. In part three, host, Susan Hiland, talks with District Instructional Coordinator, Casi Hodge, along with author and writing consultant, Matt Glover about how teachers can use their own writing to develop teaching points for craft and process studies

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Episode 18: Matt Glover #4

In part four, our final writing workshop podcast, host, Susan Hiland, and Instructional Coordinator, Casi Hodge, talk with author and writing consultant, Matt Glover about crafts that cut across genres and how to encourage students to read as writers.

Teaching & Learning in a Pandemic

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Episode 7: Teaching in a Pandemic: Elementary (November 2020)

How is the pandemic impacting the way we teach? How are teachers managing all the changes? Two elementary teachers discuss what's working and how they are overcoming the challenge of teaching in-person and virtually at the same time. Host, Susan Hiland, talks with two teachers from Meadowbrook Elementary; Ambra Robinson, 5th grade and Emily Lynch Deegan, 3rd grade.