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Branding & Logos

North Kansas City Schools' district brand and school identities are recognizable throughout our area. Consistent, clear and high-quality branding (including logos, mascot images, school names, colors, etc.) builds and reinforces our connections with the community we serve. 

Staff Members & Student Groups

School files and color details are compiled in our Staff Portal to provide easy access to current NKC Schools staff members. Employees are expected to exercise good judgment in use of logo files to represent the district. Marks may also be used by recognized and approved student and school groups. 

Parents, Partners & Community

In accordance with Board Policy EGB on Intellectual Property, external entities, such as PTAs, boosters, vendors, business partners, and community organizations must complete a request to obtain written permission from the Communications Department prior to using the district or any school's name, logo, brand, images or other marks for any purpose.

North Kansas City Schools Logomarks

North Kansas City Schools' primary logo features a navy and stone N logomark above the name of the district and "est. 1913," highlighting our more than a century of serving the community. 

The simplified version of NKC Schools' district logo is the "N" mark in navy and stone. This logo should be used in less formal settings or as a simple way to mark documents (for example, in the corner). 

District Colors

Which Color Type Should I Use?
  • For digital materials, use the hex code (#abc123). This includes any materials that will be primarily viewed on a computer or mobile device. 
  • For printed materials, use the Pantone color if possible. Be sure to note the "C" on the end of each color. It can also be helpful to provide both color code types when working with a professional designer or printer.

Pantone Colors:

Pantone 282 C
Pantone 7409 C
Pantone 166 C


Hex Code: