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YouthFriends are mentors who support students academically on a monthly basis. Applicants are trained and complete a child abuse/neglect screening as well as a criminal background screening prior to being placed with district students.

If your school is requesting you to be screened to attend a field trip, school activities, or out-of-town overnight events as a parent chaperone, please do not proceed with the YouthFriends application. Contact Jason Fowler, Coordinator of Middle School Activities, as the screening procedures are different for these parent groups.

To become a YouthFriends volunteer, please apply online:

YouthFriend Application

Current YouthFriend volunteer opportunities include: 
  • Before or After School Activities: Coach a group of students in a specific activity or share a skill with students such as acting, sewing, etc.
  • Breakfast or Lunch Buddy: Meet with students during breakfast or lunch and take time to have a conversation with them about what's going on in life. Encourage students to always be and do their best in all they do.
  • Classroom Helper: Assist students in the classroom with various academic activities.
  • Library Assistant: Help students as they come to the library media center looking for books or researching information for a class assignment.
  • Tutor: Help students build self-esteem and confidence to succeed in school through supporting them with academic studies.

 For more information about YouthFriends, call the Partners in Education office at (816) 321-5018 or email