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Early College Academy at MCC Advanced Technical Skills Institute

Students participating in the MCC-Penn Valley-Advanced Technical Skills Institute (ATSI) Early College Program are provided hands-on opportunities to gain knowledge and learn technical skills to help them be industry ready for careers in the fields of heating ventilation and air conditioning, engineering technology, building maintenance and construction, and welding. Students will attend classes in person at one of the Metropolitan Community College campuses.

This program is a great option for students who want to go to work after high school, prefer to learn with their hands and heads, want to build their resume, or are unsure about what career/major they are interested in pursuing.

Participants in the program earn college credits towards earning a certificate and can apply these credits towards completing an Associate in Applied Science degree.


Apply for Advanced Technical Skills Institute Programs: Construction Academy, HVAC, Welding.

2023-2024 ATSI NKC Application

You need recommendations from two people from your high school. These could be a counselor, teacher, or coach.

2023-2024 ATSI Recommendation

To apply to the Engineering Technology program, visit the program page

Programs of Study

Read more for a description of each program of study within the ATSI Early College Academy offerings.

The median wages listed here are found at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website. The median wages were listed on the website as of February 1, 2021.

Steps to Enroll into the Program

Step 1: Consult with Your High School Counselor (January 1 - April 7)

You will want to speak with your high school counselor regarding your high school graduation requirements and to discuss if the ATSI Campus Early College Program will fit into your schedule. All programs of study will be offered between 11:00 AM and 2 PM. The Engineering Technology program offerings will be dependent on availability.

Step 2: Apply to Metropolitan Community College (January 1 - April 7)

If you have not applied to MCC before, you will need to fill out an application. The application is free. After you complete the application, you will receive an email on the next business day stating that you were accepted into MCC. The email will provide your MCC student id number. You will need this number to complete Step 3. The application can be found at the following web address:

Step 3: Complete the ATSI Early College Program Application (January 1 - April 7)

Fill out the application to the program by clicking HERE. If you have problems filling out the application, please refer to the Contact Information for the program listed on this document.

Step 4: Submit ACT Scores and/or Take the Accuplacer Test (February 1 - April 1)

If you have taken the ACT and scored 18 or higher on the English portion of the ACT, have an ACT score of 18 or higher on the reading portion of the ACT, or have scored 22 or higher on the math portion, please email a copy of your ACT scores. If you have an ACT score below any of the thresholds listed in the previous sentence or have not taken the ACT, you will need to take the Accuplacer test, which is a free placement test proctored by MCC. The Accuplacer test is offered virtually or at one of the MCC campuses. You can schedule the Accuplacer test by calling 816-604-1000- you will need your MCC Student number and tell them you applying to be in the NKC Early College Academy. Your high school may also be scheduling an Accuplacer test day.

Step 5: A High School Representative Will Confirm Your Eligibility for the Program (May 1)

A list of students will be sent to one of your high school representatives to determine your eligibility for the program. You must have a cumulative 2.25 GPA or better, high school attendance of 80% or better, and be in good standing with your high school.

Step 6: Enroll in ATSI Program Courses (Due Date: May 19)

An MCC staff member will enroll you into 2023 Semester courses after your eligibility is confirmed. You will be sent your schedule via your MCC student email account. Information on how to access your student email will be sent to the email you utilized on your MCC application.

Step 7: Submit Final Documentation (Due Date: May 19)

You will be emailed the following documents after your high school representative confirms your eligibility to be enrolled in the program. You will need to review the documents and email them to or give to Ms. Gilliland (

  • Tuberculosis Screening Form
  • FERPA Consent Release Form

Step 8: Attend the ATSI Early College Program Fall Semester Orientation

In July, you will receive an invite to orientation to prepare you for starting courses in the fall. The orientation will be in August.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact: 

NKC Schools Contact Information: Ms. Shannon Gilliland, NKC Asst. Director College & Career, ECA Programs, or (816) 321-4672

MCC Contact Information: Carlton Fowler, Enrollment Manager, or (816) 604-4101