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Organizational Development

Organizational Development works closely with members of the Board of Education, the superintendent's office, and our district leadership team on innovative programming and strategic messaging. With great things happening throughout NKC Schools on a daily basis, Organizational Development is home to the district's Communications Department. This team helps highlight students, teachers and staff, creating communications, marketing and branding initiatives that tell the district's story. 

Communications & Media

This department is also responsible for developing district leaders through the Superintendent's Leadership Institute, Student Advisory Council, New Administrator Cohorts and the High Performance, High Potential Institute among other programs.

The department also assists in coordination of several employee recognition programs, facilitating formal and informal opportunities to celebrate NKC Schools' outstanding champions.

Employee Recognition Programs

Dr. Enjoli Avila portrait

Dr. Enjoli Avila

Assistant Superintendent, Organizational Development

Kathy Adams

Executive Assistant, Organizational Development
(816) 321-4005