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Emergency Response Plans

The district's absolute priority is the safety of our students, and we appreciate families' partnership with us to maintain a safe school environment. You can review emergency response plans below to stay informed regarding the layered measures in place at all district schools. All NKCS students, staff and schools regularly practice these responses through planned safety drills throughout the school year.

Types of Emergency Responses:
  • Shelter inside the school is used to shelter students and staff inside the building in the instance of a storm or tornado. You may also know this as “shelter in place”.
  • Evacuation is used to evacuate students and staff from the building when leaving the building is the safest alternative such as in a fire.
  • Lockdown is used to secure school buildings and grounds during incidents that pose an immediate threat of violence in or around the school. Please see more details and answers to frequently asked questions about lockdowns below.
  • Lock & Teach requires teachers to close and lock classroom doors and continue teaching. Students remain in the school and continue to learn but do not leave their classrooms. You may also know this as a “hold”. Lock and teach is most often used during events like a medical emergency, large spill, or police activity in the surrounding neighborhood that does not pose a threat. Without students moving through hallways, full attention can remain focused on learning. A school may also ask staff and students to enter a lock and teach as a transitional step before a final release from an emergency response such as a lockdown. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Lockdowns