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School Protection Specialists

In an emergency, every second counts. Access to immediate response is an important factor in ensuring safety. Over the last several years, we have expanded our School Resource Deputy/Officer program. However, many sites do not have a full-time SRD/SRO. School resource officers respond quickly to these buildings but may not immediately be on site when an issue arises. In the fall of 2022, NKC Schools explored several options that would allow for dedicated, full-time armed security at each and every school building. After a thorough review of many companies which could provide this service, the Board of Education selected Strategos as our partner in spring of 2023.

Strategos employs a full-time professional school protection specialist to work at each of our buildings without a full-time SRD, including all elementary schools, sixth grade centers, the Early Education Center, Golden Oaks, the Jacobs Center, and the Northland Innovation Center. These specialists have been carefully selected and receive in-depth training on a variety of topics, including active shooter response, CPR/AED, and communication techniques including de-escalation and other areas beneficial for working at a school. 

Protection specialists serve at each school full-time to respond immediately in case of a serious incident. They provide a visible presence during arrival, dismissal, and in the office throughout the day. Additionally, school protection specialists participate in school drills and emergency planning and regularly check doors and other security measures.