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School Resource Officer & Deputy Program

North Kansas City Schools is proud to have a longstanding partnership with several local law enforcement agencies who work in support of our schools, including the Clay County Sheriff's Office, Gladstone Police Department and North Kansas City Police Department. School Resource Deputies and Officers provide a safe and secure learning environment for all of our 21,000 learners. Not only do they provide security, but they also help in classrooms and work with students throughout the building.

Our SRD/SRO program follows the triad philosophy, which defines a School Resource Officer/Deputy as fulfilling three main roles:

  • Educator: The school resource deputy provides educational information to staff and students in the form of classroom presentations, parent or public presentations, and in-service school staff presentations. 
  • Counselor and problem solver: The SRD may give advice or guidance to students and the education staff within the context of the officer's knowledge, training, and experience. The SRD counsels students (and their families) on a variety of issues, which may range from dealing with anger, personal conflicts, drug and alcohol issues, or abuse.
  • Law enforcement officer: The SRD will work as a law enforcement officer with NKC Schools' Safety & Security Director, school administrators, parents, social service agencies, and the Clay County Juvenile Office to explore effective ways to change behavior so they get the most out of their educational environment.

School Resource Deputies serve full-time in NKC Schools’ middle schools and high schools. Gladstone Police serve at the middle and elementary schools located in Gladstone city limits. A North Kansas City Police officer partners with a Clay County SRD at North Kansas City High School.

Four additional School Resource Deputies serve elementary schools across North Kansas City Schools. The additional deputies are funded by the Clay County Children’s Services Fund, which was created in 2017 following a voter-approved quarter-cent sales tax. The fund provides grants to organizations offering services that protect the well-being and safety of children and youth and strengthen their families.

NKC Schools’ elementary students get to see their SRD several times a week. Each deputy is assigned to four to five elementary schools that follow high school feeder patterns. In addition to protecting students and providing instruction on everything from biking safety to strangers, SRDs work with schools to help students succeed. They provide welfare checks and home visits to students with unexplained absences, students who haven’t enrolled as expected or students whom faculty and staff are concerned about. SRDs also work alongside principals and teachers to provide alternatives to out-of-school suspensions.

deputies playing basketball with group of students at Crestview

Deputies from across the district playing basketball with Crestview Elementary students

Dep. Nordyke eating lunch with elementary students at Bell Prairie

Deputy Nordyke eating lunch with students at Bell Prairie Elementary

New Mark SRD getting her hair cut by students during charity event

Deputy Atkinson donating her hair during New Mark Middle School's cancer awareness assembly