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Counselors at both the elementary and secondary levels provide support groups when necessary to assist students in developing good study habits and effective time management practices. They also assist the building support team in monitoring students in need of assistance, and help students establish realistic goals and provide necessary support.

Elementary counselors follow a curriculum designed by the district and state that encourages the development of life skills including lessons that teach character development, problem solving, social skills and other similar topics. The counseling program also provides responsive services for children and parents who would like help with specific problems or situations. Individual planning is the third element of the model and at this level includes such things as working on special plans for children who need support in their classrooms.

At the middle school level, counselors work with students to develop interpersonal relationships, make informed decisions and develop the ability to explore and plan for careers.  Counselors are available for individual sessions with students who wish to make appointments. Teachers, parents, the nurse, and administrators may also make student referrals. The counselors lead small groups in areas like stress management, anger control, bereavement and friends. The counselors visit classrooms on a regular basis and stress personal social skills in areas such as educational achievement, transitioning, social development, and careers. The counselors also coordinate enrollment and standardized testing programs. Students begin creating thier own Personal Plan of Study under the guidance of the middle school counselor.

High school counselors help students in many ways. They can provide counseling for personal problems, academic problems or planning for the future. They can also help students find information on educational or vocational opportunities. A wide selection of related materials is available in the counseling center. Any counselor or the high school registrar are happy to assist. High school counselors work with students to update and maintain their Personal Plan of Study upon entry which provides a blueprint for the coursework needed to fulfill graduation requirements and meet post-secondary goals. In addition, the individualized plan is designed to prepare each student for post-secondary studies and pursuit of career interests.

Specially trained teachers are available for students who qualify for services in reading, speech and/or language, special education, gifted education and English Language Learners (ELL). Counselors are available to meet with individuals, small groups and parents upon request. The District provides home/hospital instruction for students unable to attend school for an extended period of time due to a medical condition.

For more information about school counseling, please contact Dr. Janelle Porter, Executive Director of Student & Community Services.