Safety & Security

  • One goal of North Kansas City Schools is to provide a safe learning environment for all students where they can be challenged to grow every day. The safety of students, staff, and teachers is a top priority. The Safety & Security team works diligently to ensure that our district's facilities and services are serving students at the highest level. 

    In recent years, a number of security upgrades have been made at each of our school sites, including:

    • Visitor check-in and identification systems
    • Facility key card access
    • Upgraded door locks
    • Playground security updates at elementary sites
    • Additional staff training


    Contact Information

    Robert McLees
    Director - Safety & Security

    Mitzi Boydston
    Safety & Security Specialist

    Joneen Couch
    Admin. Asst.
    (816) 321-4392

Resources & Reminders


    New employees are encouraged to download the Pulse Point AED app. The mobile app provides the location of AEDs in each of our district buildings as well as across the United States. It can be used by any employee to locate AEDs on field trips or in other schools. Click here to download for Android or Apple



    Reports of scam emails sent to district email addresses have been on the rise. These messages may seem legitimate or even appear to come from an NKC Schools address. Such emails often include suspicious links or requests for more information.

    Other common tactics include an urgent request, payment of some kind, or impersonation of a district administrator. Please be aware that these emails are fake and should be ignored, deleted, and reported. If you are ever unsure about an email, feel free to contact the Help Desk for assistance.