About Nashua


Quick Facts

  • Grades K-5
    Established 1952
    Mascot: Stars
    Colors: Blue and Gold


    Hours: 9:15-4:10

    1/2 Day Hours: 9:15-12:30

  • Nashua Elementary has a small community feel. Parents and, business and community members are closely involved in the school through YouthFriends, Partners in Education, shared decision-making site council and our PTA. Internal and external collaboration with all stakeholders is an important process as we work together to reach our goals. Parent nights, such as Reading Night, Math Night, music programs and the Student Led Learning Showcase are all evening events that have a high percentage of parent attendance. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) celebrates the end of a great year by hosting the annual PTA carnival. We have several before- and after-school opportunities to enhance the curriculum.

    Nashua Elementary School sets high expectations for students to accept the challenges of rigorous curriculum and performance assessments. We consistently have more than 50 percent of students scoring proficient or advanced on the Missouri State Assessment (MAP). Nashua continues to exceed the average student attendance percentage in the district.  For the past three years Nashua’s attendance is at or above 94 percent.

    The facilities at Nashua Elementary School are extremely well maintained to provide students with a safe, clean and healthy environment.  Each year our school has received the highest rating we can achieve from the district based on reviews by the head of safety and security.  Each month we do drills for various emergency situations, and then evaluate how they went so we can make any needed changes.  

    Another area of strength for Nashua is the ongoing communication between the school and parents/community. In addition to all the district information that is sent via the district Web page, Facebook page, and School Messenger, Nashua excels at communicating with stakeholders. The school Web page, School Messenger, PTA Web page and Facebook page, and weekly teacher newsletters help ensure that parents, students, staff and administration are connected. Partnering with all Nashua stakeholders is an essential key to our success.  


    Nashua Elementary Expectations

    I am a Nashua…
    Show Respect
    Active Learner

    We at Nashua Elementary believe that our students should learn these four STAR core values. Our core values promote behaviors to create and maintain a positive school environment and encourage students to become successful life long community members.

    Nashua Pledge

    I will be a Star!
    I will Show Respect!
    I will be Trustworthy!
    I will be an Active Learner!
    I will be Responsible and I will have a STAR day of learning!

    Be a STAR wherever you are!