Resource Specialists

  • School Community Resource Specialists
    School Community Resource Specialists assist students with academic learning by providing strategic services that identify and address the social-emotional-environmental issues that interfere with the educational process. Working with parents/guardians, teachers, school administrators, and community based resources, the School Community Resource Specialist implements strategies that promote students’ positive school adjustment.

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    2018-2019 School Community Resource Specialists and Contact Information:

    Bell Prairie               Tammy Slauson        816-321-6152
    Briarcliff                   Kathy Monson           816-321-5763
    Chapel Hill                Heather Percell          816-321-5890
    Chouteau                    Hannah Kwon          816-321-4617
    Clardy                      Kathy Park                816-321-5866
    Crestview                  Kathy Monson          816-321-5763
    Davidson                  Mary Wade              816-321-6350
    Fox Hill                    Carie Massey           816-321-5647
    Gashland                  Kathy Park              816-321-5866
    Gracemor                 Danita Palma          816-321-6827
    Lakewood                Hannah Kwon          816-321-4617
    Linden West             Susan Bartlett         816-321-4105
    Maplewood             Carey Juez Perez       816-321-6570
    Meadowbrook           Carie Massey          816-321-6389
      Nashua                       Jesse Tyler              816-321-6317
    Northview                  Danita Palma          816-321-6827
    Oakwood Manor         Susan Bartlett        816-321-4105
    Ravenwood               Heather Percell       816-321-5890
    Rising Hill                   Heather Percell     816-321-5890
    Topping                   Carey Juez Perez      816-321-6570
    West Englewood           Kathy Park         816-321-5866
    Winnwood                 Mary Wade             816-321-6350

    Eastgate                  Wendy Marckx         816-321-5623
    Gateway                  Carie Massey           816-321-5647

    Antioch                     Kristen Smith          816-321-6166
    Maple Park           Christine Ostermeyer   816-413-3878
    New Mark                 Karen Schaff           816-413-3887
    Northgate                 Brandi Stout            816-321-6215

    North Kansas City       Jesse Tyler           816-321-6317
    Oak Park                 Heather Brennan       816-321-4229
    Staley                      Tammy Slauson        816-321-6152
    Winnetonka                 Shelly Meinke       816-321-5717

             Pleasant Valley Early Child.   Abby Thomason   816-321-6863
                                                           Carey Webber     816-321-6389