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Career Planning and Education Guide - Online Edition

  • The Career Planning and Education Guide is a collection of information regarding courses offered at the high schools of the North Kansas City School District. This guide is geared towards developing a plan for career and college readiness, investigating courses and coursework for future or current students, and informing new students and their parents of their potential diploma options.

    The online version of this packet allows both students and parents to have updated information regarding the courses, diplomas, and programs available.

  • The online Career Planning & Education Guide is a project created by students for their peers and families. This project became a reality through the hard work of the following North Kansas City High School students:

    Salah Abbas
    Christian Boswell
    Caleb Foshia
    Grant Galatas
    Libaan Hussein
    Onel Jimenez
    Logan Robinson
    Philipp Rojas-Zdjelar
    Ethan Shutts
    Daniel Zhou
    Aymen Abbood
    Yagna Patel 
    Ashton Greenough
    Daniel Huynh